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From now on, I will not just upload all the example codes for download, but publish them on my blog day by day.
you can get the java version example codes from
or just simple click the follow link to download the last version (now is for version itext-paulo-155).

1.field_merge: Example code of Early Access iText
摘要:This example code show you how to fill PDF form by using iTextSharp, but it does not support the Form created by Adobe Designer.
该例子主要是介绍如何利用iTextSharp来填写PDF form, 该例子不支持 由 Adobe Designer创建的PDF Form。

摘要: List the name and position of the fields.
列出PDF Form Field的名字和位置。

摘要:Write FDF and Merge FDF to PDF Form.

摘要:create a form checkbox on PDF

摘要:the usage of FontSelector
摘要:create a form combo on PDF
摘要:Create PDF Form Radio
摘要:creation of the document with a certain size and certain margins
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