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Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.9 (2005-11-09) 
- added cell and table event forwarders 
- Properties.AddAll() threw a cast exception 
- a few properties didn't set correctly the values 
- Added Image.UnEscapeURL() 
- Bordercolors weren't correct if useVariableBorders was set manually. 
- code clean up by Xavier Le Vourch 
- new lists in list and combo fields can be set 
- added a convenience method to check the status in ColumnText 
- SimpleTable works with ColumnText.AddElement() 
- better CJK field support 
- bugfix by John Engla PdfCopy 
- cellsHaveToFit didn't work after the first split 
- another fix for Table 
- multiple font faces are allowed through FontFactory (WMF) 
- fixed font rotation problem (WMF) 
- fixed incorrect save state (WMF) 
- added the new package extras at 
to support hyphenation and CJK. Register the packages with 

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