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Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.8 (2005-10-19) 
- added support for tagged PDFs. The high level objects don't generate tags 
yet, but it's possible to create a fully legal tagged PDF using PdfContentByte. 
- Image.skip() didn't check for EOF. 
- Image.toUrl() didn't escape the filename chars. 
- in AcroFields lists couldn't be set by the export value 
- fixed the image alignment in ColumnText.addElement() 
- PdfReader made the wrong assumption that the trailer word was always followed by '\n'. 
- PdfReader checks for /Content null. 
- Identity-H fonts with subset==false will include all the font. 
- possible to create an empty PdfAnnotation. 
- case insensitive font search in FontFactory and a much better font family pairing. 
- XMP support 
- many RTF changes, see the CVS logs for more details 
- added a page event forwarder 
- OTF fonts didn't have the subset prefix 
- added adjustable margins to text fields to better mimic Acrobat's layout 
- StreamReader replaced with TextReader in SimpleXMLParser 
- added PdfWriter.ReleaseTemplate() to free resources before Close() 
- flattening all fields didn't clear the acroform field array 
- added support for flattening free text annotations 
- Fix concerning automatic splitting of large tables (related to Table) 
- beads are removed from pages to avoid dragging unnecessary objects 
- added Transform(System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix) 
- Special PageEvents implementation that allows you to build an index 
- fixed several conversion bugs with CFF fonts 
- support for macro PDF417 
- added WebColors 
- Adding Images to a SimpleCell is allowed 
- Rectangle.BorderWidthTop/get returned the right border 
- added some extra constant values that can be used as parameter when creating a List 
- Conversion bug in FontFactory.IsRegistered() 
- component red was duplicated in Color constructor 
- ChapterAutoNumber for chapters/sections that are automatically numbered (by Michael Niedermair) 

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