We are hunting for a job, to testify who we are and what we can do. We now are students, although in different department, we have a same title. Yeah, in a good company may prove your value, no matter you admit or not, it works. Comparison makes man mad, but we can't help doing the stupid thing. I am really confused by something happening around me. Some common rules don't run as their usual way. I can't explain why it happened or why not. Life is satirizing. Sometimes I feel deeply depressed. Pressure put me out of breath, but I should have had finished such things. I don't know why I should do this. Sometimes my target is clear while sometimes it's lost. It's like switching between two worlds, a madness one and a goodness one. For now, older men can be divided into two parts: one is helping you find a way to future, while the other is asking you to follow diciplines. Both results in preesure. My former high school teacher once told us that when we grew up, we would realize what an ordinary life means. Recently I keep on thinking this word.
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