Office Mobile 2010 Beta 发布了!

微软刚刚发布了Office Mobile 2010的beta版, 可以免费使用半年(2010年四月到期),


官方网站,列举了office2010的10大新特性, 其中我最喜欢的是第三条:

" When delivering a presentation, your notes are just as important as your presentation itself. Many times you don’t have the luxury of using multiple monitors—one for showing your presentation and another for viewing your notes. With PowerPoint Mobile 2010, a second monitor is always readily available. You can now connect your Windows smartphone to your PC via Bluetooth and easily view your presentation notes—your phone can even be used to advance your slides!"

听起来不错, 可以用office mobile的ppt功能做presentation,以前还需要借助第三方的软件,现在方便了。


要下载Office Mobile 2010 beta请使用你的WM6.5手机,点击左上角的“开始”按钮,选择“marketplace”访问“软件城”,然后在搜索框键入“office Mobile”即可下载,如图:


不妨试试看有没有你感兴趣的功能 ;-)


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