Simple HostMonitor 实用的网管小工具

我的朋友Ken Wang( , 最近写了一个小工具, 用来监测他那孱弱的服务器是否挂掉, 并实时产生提醒(windows alert,email,twitter)等.这个工具在Codeplex开源并提供下载(下面是对它的描述:

Simple Host Monitor makes it easier for network administrators to keep track of the status of certain hosts. In case of network errors and server crashes, it will alert you immediately. It is simple but handful with no need of installation. It's developed in .NET 3.5 with VS2010.

Coming Features

  1. Support more methods to detect hosts that ignore ICMP. (e.g. HTTP, FTP, DNS lookup, SNMP)
  2. Support more notification methods like mail, twitter.

欢迎下载试用 ;-)

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