Microsoft .Net Micro Framework v3.0 launched!

.Net Micro Framework SDK正式版终于在2008年1028日发布,具体的功能由于在beta版中已有体验,所以这里就不多说了。发布的具体情况,发布的盛况请参见:







What is so revolutionary?

Lot's of things changed in version 3.0. The major things are notoriously known from the beta version:

  • Interop
  • Touchscreen support
  • FAT filesystem
  • DPWS Tools
  • Wi-Fi
  • SSL
  • Serial port improvements
  • USB Device
  • Color fonts
  • Emulator enhancements

But what I like the most is the support for Visual Studio 2008 including Express editions. I believe this is great step forward to mass adoption of this amazing platform. Together with the new easier and cheap access the porting kit it will bring (hopefully) lot's of Micro Framework devices in every house hold.

Go for it!

Point your browser to and get everything you need to start with Micro Framework. SDK is free, Visual Studio is free and so many cool and inexpensive development hardware out there just calls for your action.



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