The Windows Mobile Ecosystem for Developers

"Ecosystem" is a very popular word in Microsoft:)

ReedR has rencently blogged about the Windows Mobile Ecosystem for Developers

之前经常听马宁提及生态系统(Ecosystem...Ecosystem...Ecosystem...)Windows Mobile产品组的ReedR 写了一篇有关Windows Mobile 生态系统的文章,针对开发者介绍了这个生态链的运行过程和各个角色在其中的位置。值得一读!


On one hand, the diverse ecosystem of Device makers, Operators, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) creates a healthy pipeline of choice, opportunity, and competition. It’s is a core strength of our platform.  On the other hand, the ecosystem comes with some clear (and not so clear) areas of ownership. It’s an important topic for developers to be aware of. I thought it might make an interesting post.


Go and check it out!





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