MySQL Connector 卸载

MySQL Connector 安装的时候有时候会遇到很多问题,有时候会卸载失败,导致无法重新安装。测试了网上各种办法,删文件,删注册表,重启,360强行删除都不是很有效。最后发现msizap比较有效。


msiZap.exe -T {xxxxxxxxxx}



This tool (which stands for MSI Inventory) wraps some of the publicly documented MSI APIs to provide information about the state of all Windows Installer products, features and components that Windows Installer thinks are installed on your computer.  I say "thinks are installed" because there are some rare cases where the actual installation state of a given product can get out of sync with the information Windows Installer has stored in its internal data structures, which can cause confusion for setup packages.

不过因为MySQL Connector 的产品标识码在错误的详细信息里面能够查看到,所以这个工具暂时没用上。



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