NodeBlog v0.2.0 更新说明

Change logs

  • 完全基于Connect,提高整体响应性能;
  • 移除对express, libxml2的依赖;
  • Session使用Mongodb存储;

NodeBlog 介绍

A blog base on nodejs. Demo:,


  • Write, Read, List, Search blog.
  • Comments
  • Support image and file upload.
  • DIY template
  • Support, nodejs host services
  • Simple to install
  • Support post to twitter, facebook, weibo, tqq and so on.
  • Speed
  • Support MetaWeblog API Sync
  • Support



$ sudo apt-get install mongodb


# install mongodb
# see:

Node Modules Install

$ sudo npm install connect ejs weibo metaweblog mongoskin github-flavored-markdown

Install NodeBlog

$ git clone git://
$ cd nodeblog
$ cp config.js.tpl config.js
$ node server.js

DIY template


  • Index Page Index
  • Settings Page Settings
  • New Post Page new post
  • Comments of post comments
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