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Curiously Strong

Mr. Ollivander, the premiere wand maker, is physically present while giving detailed information about wands.奥利凡多先生:杰出的魔杖制作者,给出魔杖详尽资料的出场人物。

PS/SS –Diagon Alley对角巷

“Hello,” said the man. “Yes, yes. I thought I’d be seeing you soon. Harry Potter.” It wasn’t a question. “You have your mother’s eyes. It seems only yesterday she was in here herself, buying her first wand. Ten and a quarter inches long, swishy, made of willow. Nice wand for charm work.” “你好,”那人说道。“是啊,是啊。我想过我会很快见到你的。哈利•波特。”这不是他提出的问题。“你有你妈妈的眼睛。她本人来这里买她第一根魔杖的情景就像是昨天一样。十又四分之一英寸长,轻灵型,柳木。能展现迷人魔法的精细魔杖。”

Mr. Ollivander moved closer to Harry. Harry wished he would blink. Those silvery eyes were a bit creepy.奥利凡多先生走近哈利。哈利希望能看到他眨眨眼睛。那双银灰色的眼睛有点叫人害怕。

“Your father, on the other hand, favored a mahogany wand. Eleven inches. Pliable. A little more power and excellent for transfiguration. Well, I say your father favored it—it’s really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course.” “而你的父亲则喜爱一根桃花心木的魔杖。11英寸。变化型。更有力量,极适于变形术。对,我说你父亲喜爱它 – 其实,当然了,是魔杖认主。”

Mr. Ollivander had come so close that he and Harry were almost nose to nose. Harry could see himself reflected in those misty eyes.奥利凡多先生靠得这么近,他和哈利几乎是鼻子对鼻子。哈利能看到自己映在那双迷蒙的眼睛中的像。

“And that’s where…” “这就是那里……”

Mr. Ollivander touched the lightning scar on Harry’s forehead with a long, white finger.奥利凡多先生用一根长长的白手指摸了摸哈利前额上的闪电型伤疤。

“I’m sorry to say I sold the wand that did it,” he said softly. “Thirteen-and-a-half inches. Yew. Powerful wand, very powerful, and in the wrong hands…well, if I’d known what that wand was going out into the world to do….”“真不好意思,干这事的魔杖是我卖出去的,”他轻轻地说。“13 又二分之一英寸。紫杉木。强有力的魔杖,极强,掌握在邪恶的手中…… 唉,要是我知道这把魔杖会出去做些什么……”


“Hold out your arm. That’s it.” He measured Harry from shoulder to finger, then wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit and round his head. As he measured, he said, “Every Ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance, Mr. Potter. We use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, and the heartstrings of dragons. No two Ollivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns, dragons, or phoenixes are quite the same. And of course, you will never get such good results with another wizard’s wand.” “伸出你的胳膊。对了。”他量了量哈利从肩膀到手指的距离,然后是手腕到胳膊肘,肩膀到地,膝盖到腋下,还有头的周长。他边量边说:“每一根奥利凡多魔杖都用一种强力魔法物质作杖芯,波特先生。我们使用独角兽毛,凤凰尾羽毛,和龙的心弦。没有两根奥利凡多的魔杖是相同的,就如同没有相同的两只独角兽,两条龙,或两只凤凰。当然了,用其他魔法师的魔杖可不象用自己的效果那么好。”

Harry took the wand. He felt a sudden warmth in his fingers. He raised the wand above his head, brought it swishing down through the dusty air and a stream of red and gold sparks shot from the end like a firework, throwing dancing spots of light on to the walls. Hagrid whooped and clapped and Mr. Ollivander cried, “Oh bravo! Yes, indeed, oh, very good. Well, well, well…how curious…how very curious…”哈利拿过了魔杖。他感到手指上一阵温暖。他将魔杖举过头顶,然后在漂浮着灰尘的空中向下一挥,一蓬红色和金色的火星如同焰火一般从杖尖爆出,向墙上撒出欢跳的亮点。海格鼓掌,高声喝彩。奥利凡多先生叫道,“哦,太妙了!是啊,确实是太好了。好,好,好…… 真有意思……太有意思了……”

He put Harry’s wand back into its box and wrapped it in brown paper, still muttering, “Curious…curious…”他把哈利的魔杖放回盒中,用牛皮纸包好,口中还在喃喃自语,“有意思……有意思……”

“Sorry,” said Harry, “but what’s curious?” “对不起,”哈利问道,“是什么这么有意思呀?”

Mr. Ollivander fixed Harry with his pale stare.奥利凡多先生用他迷蒙的眼睛盯住哈利。

“I remember every wand I’ve ever sold, Mr. Potter. Every single wand. It so happens that the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another feather—just one other. It is very curious indeed that you should be destined for this wand when its brother—why, it’s brother gave you that scar.”“波特先生,我记得我卖出的所有魔杖。每一根魔杖。是这样的,给了你魔杖中尾羽的那只凤凰还把他的尾羽给了另一根魔杖,这是仅有的两根。非常有意思的是,命里注定你要使用这把魔杖,而它的兄弟,它的兄弟给你留下了这道伤疤。”
(CH 5: US – 82, UK - 63, FR - 86, GR - 92, ITL - 82, PL – 90, RM - 62, SP – 75)

Harry learns about the basics of wands and his wand's connection to Voldemort.哈利学到了有关魔杖的基本知识和他的魔杖与伏地魔之间的关系。

GoF – Hogwarts霍格沃兹

He twirled the wand between his long fingers like a baton and it emitted a number of pink and gold sparks. Then he held it close to his eyes and examined it carefully.如同使用一根指挥棒,他用他长长的手指捻动着魔杖,杖上发出许多粉红色和金黄色的火星。然后他把它拿近眼前仔细地检查。

“Yes,” he said quietly, “nine and a half inches…inflexible…rosewood…and containing…dear me…” “是的,”他平静地说,“九又二分之一英寸…… 坚硬型……玫瑰木…… 杖芯是…… 天哪 ……”

“An ‘air from ze ‘ead of a veela,” said Fleur. “One of my grandmuzzer’s.” “是一根媚娃的头发,”芙蓉说。“是我祖母的。”

So Fleur was part veela, thought Harry, making a mental note to tell Ron…then he remembered that Ron wasn’t speaking to him.这就是说芙蓉有媚娃血统,哈利想,心里盘算着要告诉罗恩 …… 然后他才想到罗恩现在不和他说话。

“Yes,” said Mr. Ollivander, “yes, I’ve never used veela hair myself, of course. I find it makes for rather temperamental wands…however, to each his own, and if this suits you…” “是的,” 奥利凡多先生说,“是的,当然,我本人从未用过媚娃的毛发。我觉得用它做成的魔杖比较情绪化,当然了,是随每个魔法师的情绪变化的;而且如果它对于你合适……”


Viktor Krum got up and slouched, round-shouldered and duck-footed, toward Mr. Ollivander. He thrust out his wand and stood scowling, with his hands in the pockets of his robes.维克多•克鲁姆没精打采地站起身,曲背鸭步走向奥利凡多先生。他一下子把魔杖塞到后者手中,手放在袍子的口袋里,站在那里一脸的不高兴。

“Hmm,” said Mr. Ollivander, “this is a Gregorovitch creation, unless I’m much mistaken? A fine wand-maker, though the styling is never quite what I…however…” “嗯,” 奥利凡多先生说,“这是格列哥若维奇造的,我没有弄错吧?他是个不错的魔杖制作者,但他的风格我从来就不…… 不管怎么说 ……”

He lifted the wand and examined it minutely, turning it over and over before his eyes.他举起魔杖,在眼前翻来覆去地认真检查着。

“Yes…hornbeam and dragon heartstring?” he shot at Krum, who nodded. “Rather thicker than one usually sees…quite rigid…ten and a quarter inches…Avis!”“是啊,角树材,龙心弦? ”他扫了克鲁姆一眼,后者点了点头。“比常见的粗多了…… 相当结实 …… 十又四分之一英寸 …… 飞鸟群群!”


Mr. Ollivander had been very surprised that Harry had been so compatible with his wand. “Curious,” he had said, “curious,” and not until Harry asked what was curious had Mr. Ollivander explained that the phoenix feather in Harry’s wand had come from the same bird that has supplied the core of Lord Voldemort’s.奥利凡多先生曾经非常吃惊地看到哈利与他的魔杖之间的和谐程度,“有意思,”他曾经说过,“有意思,”但却只在哈利问到他时才做了解释:哈利魔杖杖芯中的羽毛与伏地魔魔杖杖芯的羽毛来自同一只凤凰。

Harry had never shared this piece of information with anybody. He was very fond of his wand, and as far as he was concerned its relationship to Voldemort’s wand was something it couldn’t help—rather as he couldn’t help being related to Aunt Petunia. However, he really hoped that Mr. Ollivander wasn’t about to tell the room about it. He had a funny feeling Rita Skeeter’s Quick-Quotes Quill might just explode with excitement if he did.哈利从来没有把这件事告诉任何人。他非常喜爱他的魔杖。对他来说,他的魔杖与伏地魔的魔杖有着天然的关系,这不是魔杖的错——就如同他是佩妮姨妈的外甥不由他做主一样。但他却情愿奥利凡多先生不把这件事告诉屋里的人。他有一种奇特的感觉:如果他说了这件事,丽塔•斯基特尔的快速引用羽毛笔会由于兴奋而爆炸。

(CH 18: US – 308, UK - 270, FR - 327, GR - 322, ITL - 265, PL – 325, RM - 272, SP – 275)

Harry learns more about wands and he recalls his wand's connection to Voldemort.哈利学到了更多的有关魔杖的知识,他回想起他的魔杖与伏地魔的魔杖之间的关系。

DH – A New Location一个新的地点

In PS/SS, Mr. Ollivander directly disclosed commonly known background information about wands (physical characteristics, strengths, cores, and performance levels) as well as uncommonly known background information about Harry’s wand (Voldemort’s wand is its brother). In GoF, Mr. Ollivander indirectly informed Harry of the finer details of wand making, resulting in Harry’s recollection (to the reader) of brother wands. In DH, Mr. Ollivander will disclose more information about wands and the ability to achieve a high level of performance from a wand that is not your own.在 PS/SS 中,奥利凡多先生直接说出了有关魔杖的一般背景资料(物理特性,强度,杖芯,性能水平),他也说出了哈利的魔杖的不为人知的背景资料(是伏地魔的魔杖的兄弟)。在 GoF中,奥利凡多先生间接地告诉了哈利有关魔杖制作的更为详尽的细节,导致哈利(对读者)回忆起了那一对兄弟魔杖。在DH 中,奥利凡多先生会透露有关魔杖的更多知识,还会讲述如何让一把不是你自己的魔杖发挥高水平的性能。

Since brother wands do not work properly against each other, Harry will need to find another way to duel Voldemort. Mr. Ollivander will have the solution to this problem. So how will Harry be able to achieve a substantial level of performance out of someone else’s wand? Does Harry have to have a strong bond with the owner of the wand? This may be the case, but from what has been shown in the books, it may be a matter of concentration.由于兄弟魔杖对阵时不能正常发挥,哈利需要找到另外一种方法与伏地魔决斗。奥利凡多先生会有破解这个难题的方法。哈利要如何使用别人的魔杖来发挥出同样高水平的魔法呢?哈利需要与魔杖主人有一种强有力的纽带吗?有可能是这样的,但从书中所表现出的,也可能关键是精力集中。

The following are characters that have been able to use Harry’s wand throughout the series: PS/SS—Hermione, CoS—Tom Riddle, GoF—Barty Crouch Jr. and Mr. Ollivander. This list consists of characters that do and do not have personal connections to Harry, but they all have been able to use his wand effectively. So which theory is right? Is it a matter of relation or a matter of concentration? Or could it be as simple as both? I believe it is that simple. 下面是全书中能够使用哈利魔杖的人物:PS/SS:赫敏,CoS:汤姆•里德尔,GoF:小巴蒂•克劳奇和奥利凡多先生。这个名单中的人物包括与哈利有个人关系的人,也有与哈利没有个人关系的人,但他们都能有效地使用他的魔杖。那么哪种理论是正确的呢?关键在于关系,或在于集中?或者是两者都有关?我相信与两者都有关。

There are two ways to be able to use someone else’s wand, one being the bond between the user and the owner which “unlocks” the wand’s power unconsciously and the other being the level of concentration needed to harness the power of the wand. Both Hermione and Tom were able to unlock the power of Harry’s wand unconsciously due to their strong relational bonds to Harry; true friendship (Hermione) and a connection of both Horcruxes and wand cores (Tom). Barty Crouch Jr. and Mr. Ollivander were able to use Harry’s wand because they were consciously able to call forth its power. 有两种办法可以使用他人的魔杖。其一:使用者与魔杖主人之间有某种纽带,这可以无形中将魔杖的力量“解锁”;其二:需要精神力的集中以驾驭魔杖本身的力量。由于赫敏(真诚的友情)和汤姆(寄魂居和魔杖芯的关联)与哈利间的强力纽带,他们都能够使哈利的魔杖的力量在无形中解锁。小巴蒂•克劳奇和奥利凡多先生则能够有意识地唤起魔杖的力量,因此也能使用哈利的魔杖。

Where will this conversation take place? Based on the locations of the previous encounters, Harry will once again find Mr. Ollivander in a new location. In PS/SS, the conversation took place at Mr. Ollivander’s wand shop in Diagon Alley, both of which Harry had never been to before. In GoF, it took place in an unknown small classroom within Hogwarts. 这一谈话将在何处进行?按照他们过去见面地点的规律,哈利又将在一个新的地方见到奥利凡多先生。在PS/SS 中,谈话发生在对角巷奥利凡多先生的魔杖店里;在 GoF 中,谈话发生在霍格沃兹的一个不知名的小教室中;两者都是哈利过去从未到过的。
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