Windows 10 IoT Core 17093 for Insider 版本更新


  • General bug fixes
  • Enabled Miracast on Dragonboard.


    • F5 driver deployment from Visual Studio does not work on IoT Core.
    • Devices that were installed via NOOBS cannot run the bcdedit tool to enable the kernel debugger. This can be achieved with the following workaround: 
      Mount the SD card on your PC 
      Find the EFIESP drive partition number with diskpart or Disk Management (say it’s “M:”) 
      Run the command “bcdedit /store M:\EFI\Microsoft\boot\bcd /set {default} debug yes” 
      Unmount the SD card. 
      You should now be able to connect the debugger as usual
    • Unable to deploy apps in headless mode. Device is not functional in headless mode.
    • F5 application deployment of headed foreground UWP apps will not work on the first attempt. The second attempt should be successful.
    • UWP startup apps will be replaced by IoT Core default app.
    • Azure DM setup is not working.
    • Settings entered before flashing (computer name, password and Wi-Fi profile) do not get applied to the device.
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