Global Azure 2022 China

The Global Azure 2022 was successfully held on 5 – 7 May from all over the world for everyone to join and learn about Azure technologies with the best-in-class community leaders. Though people all around the world are affected by the pandemic right now, the passion to share their knowledge with audiences globally is continuing to grow.  



For local communities in China, we totally planned 4 sessions this year. The topics covered Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft HoloLens, Mixed Reality, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure IoTEdge, Azure Container Registry and Azure IoTHub from 4 MVPs. The schedule was arranged as followed.



The first session is about Hybrid-Work in Azure Cloud. Microsoft AI & Azure MVP Hao Hu first introduced the solution of Azure Virtual Desktop to support people to work from home flexibly and efficiently, which is definitely an excellent proposal under such a pandemic circumstance. Then, he showed us the detailed architecture and step-by-step tutorials to demonstrate the solution clearly.



In the second session, Microsoft AI MVP Yuxiang Wang talked about the user scenarios for enterprise applications. Four categories including Vision, speech, language and decision APIs were analyzed and demonstrated according to the requirements of different applications. Automation and integration tools like Logic Apps and Power Automate were also covered to simplify the development environments.



The third session was delivered by Mark Peng, who is a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional specialized in Azure Stack, kubernetes and blockchain. He introduced the Enterprise Metaverse, Enterprise NFTs, and Green Finance with Azure service demos. The critical services to realize Metaverse including Azure digital twins, Mixed Reality, Hololens and Azure IoTHub were demonstrated.



In the last session, Microsoft Azure MVP Jiong Shi talked about how to build an Azure-powered smart drone. First of all, the DJI Windows SDK and Azure IoT solutions were introduced. Then, the architecture of the solution, including cloud-device and cloud-edge-device scenarios were descripted. The hardware setup and software design, as well as the Azure cloud services integration were presented in order. The demo video to show the above two scenarios were given lastly.



There are more than 4,000 people participated through local CSDN and WeChat live broadcast platform of Reactor Center. This is a great event that attract many developers each year. It is amazing to see Microsoft MVPs who help to organize it across globe, each region helped to advocate Azure technology and help everyone in the planet to achieve more. The feedback from China is very positive, the market needs more local language session to help local audience to grow. As Microsoft MVPs, we are so proud to be part of this global community and we really hope to bring the best value and share the best of what we know to others.

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