Update 19.11 for Azure Sphere

今天,微软发布了面向Azure Sphere的19.11更新,其主要亮点就是加入了对开发工具Visual Studio Code和Linux开发环境的支持。具体来讲,本次更新包含3个部分:

1. Azure Sphere 系统. This quality release fixes an error in I2C reads that was reported on MSDN and an error in which SPI reads or writes may cause the system to crash. In addition, it includes changes to mitigate against CVE-2019-18840. If your devices are currently running the 19.10 OS or an earlier OS release and are connected to the internet, they should receive the OS update from the cloud. However, if you have an older Seeed MT3620 Development Kit, you might need to update manually, as described in Update the OS on an early dev kit

2. Azure Sphere SDK preview for Linux. The 19.11 release includes Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Linux, which enables you to develop, deploy, and debug applications using Linux machines. In this initial preview release, the SDK is supported on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS only. Your success using different distributions may vary.

3. Preview of Visual Studio Code extension for Azure Sphere. The 19.11 release introduces a preview of the Visual Studio Code extension for Azure Sphere. By installing the Azure Sphere SDK for your platform, and then installing Visual Studio Code for Windows or for Linux along with the Azure Sphere extension, you can use Visual Studio Code as your integrated development environment for Azure Sphere.


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2. Release Notes 19.11

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