a. Enter configure terminal mode:
module# configure terminal

b. Enter host configuration mode:
module(config)# service host

c. Enter time parameter configuration mode:

module(config-Host)# timeParams
d. Specify the standard time offset from UTC in minutes (negative numbers represent time zones west of the Prime Meridian):

module(config-Host-tim)# offset 480
e. Specify the standard time zone:

module(config-Host-tim)# standardTimeZoneName BJT
module(config-Host-tim)# exit
f. Exit configure host mode:

module(config-Host)# exit
g. Enter yes to apply the changes.

h. Enter no to avoid rebooting the IDS module at this time.

Warning: The node must be rebooted for the changes to go into effect. Continue with reboot? [yes]: no
Warning: The changes will not go into effect until the node is rebooted. Please use the reset command to complete the configuration.
i. Exit configure terminal mode:

module(config)# exit
j. Generate the self-signed X.509 certificate (needed by TLS) by entering the following command:

module# tls generate-key
k. Write down the certificate fingerprints.
You will need these to check the authenticity of the certificate when connecting to this IDS module with a web browser.

l. Reboot the IDS module:

module# reset
m. Enter yes to continue rebooting the IDS module.

Warning: Executing this command will stop all applications and reboot the node. Continue with reset? : yes
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