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Note: This series blog was translated from Nathan Vaughn's Shaders Language Tutorial and has been authorized by the author. If reprinted or reposted, please be sure to mark the original link and description in the key position of the article after obtaining the author’s consent as well as the translator's. If the article is helpful to you, click this Donation link to buy the author a cup of coffee.
说明:该系列博文翻译自Nathan Vaughn着色器语言教程。文章已经获得作者翻译授权,如有转载请务必在取得作者译者同意之后在文章的重点位置标明原文链接以及说明。如果你觉得文章对你有帮助,点击此打赏链接请作者喝一杯咖啡。

朋友们,你们好。我最近对着色器着迷了。 今天,我将讨论如何使用 Shadertoy 这件惊人在线工具创建像素着色器,该工具由 Inigo QuilezPol Jeremias 这两位非常有才华的人创建的... 博文已经搬迁到新的地址

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