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🐝 蜂巢大战 (En)

©2012 Conmajia , 2004 Bishoy Mamdouh

# The Hive Battle

I named this game The Hive Battle. Better than Mamdouh's Hexomania, I beliv.

## Introduction

Optimized code in Mamdouh's original version and added a new flag mode. Demo screenshot below.

This is a multiple player game supports 2-4 players playing in turn. In each turn, you can move 1 chess to make sure there's at least 1 other chess next to it after your move.

After each move, the target flag will randomly move 1 step away from you. Your target is to capture the flag of your color and restrain it in a 1x1 grid.

Here are examples of winning.


Note that if you broke the "wall", the flag will escape.

Players who captured their flags first win.

## Demo

Animated demo. I lost the game to A.I., that sucks.



Source code: Click to download

©2012 Conmajia , 2004 Bishoy Mamdouh

Under the CodeProject Open License

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