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摘要:在一个Sharepoint的项目中,需要暂时禁止访问一些网站。因此我做了一webservice完成此功能.代码如下:[WebMethod]public bool SuspendSite(string virtualServerUrl, string siteRelativeUrl, bool suspend){  Microsoft.SharePoint.Administrat... 阅读全文

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摘要:我们在目前的项目中间使用了Sharepoint Portal作为索引引擎去crawling我们的MCMS (Microsoft Content Management) 网站上的内容。 MCMS上的内容我们用了一些Meta tag.但是我们发现Sharepoint Portal 搜索引擎在索引这些Meta Data的时候,不能够很好处理日期类型的Meta Data.例如:在某些网页上,有一些Meta... 阅读全文

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摘要:String formatting in C# I couldn't find a quick reference to .NET string formatting using the String.Format() function, so I created this one. When I started working with the .NET framework, one t... 阅读全文

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摘要:NTLM Authentication Scheme for HTTPIntroductionThis is an attempt at documenting the undocumented NTLM authentication scheme used by M$'s browsers, proxies, and servers (MSIE and IIS); this scheme... 阅读全文

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摘要:http://blogs.msdn.com/bowerm/articles/211757.aspx 阅读全文

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摘要:*** Problem Description ***Customer wanted to implement ASP.NET forms authentication across his entire web app which consisted of ASP.NET *and* classic ASP content.<><><><><... 阅读全文

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摘要:A useful actical for web part development basichttp://www.devx.com/dotnet/Article/17518/0/page/1 sharepoint securityhttp://www.15seconds.com/issue/040511.htm object model security In a comment to my p... 阅读全文

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摘要:Running an application command line with different credentialsrunas /user:Administrator program.exe Enabling ASP.NET to run as another user on Windows XP ProfessionalAs an Administrator, edit the attr... 阅读全文

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摘要:Sharepoint是一种非常新而且很有用的技术. 现在微软把基本的功能集成到了Windows 2003 Server里, 那就是Windows Sharepoint Service简称WSS. 他使开发个性化的复杂的应用程序变得非常简单. 在我的经验里, Sharepoint的开发主要分为三部分: 定制(customization), Web Part, 配置和集成. (这里不包括Sharepo... 阅读全文

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