参考自Default visibility for C# classes and members (fields, methods, etc)?

Classes and structs that are declared directly within a namespace (in other words, that are not nested within other classes or structs) can be either public or internal. Internal is the default if no access modifier is specified.



The access level for class members and struct members, including nested classes and structs, is private by default.



interfaces default to internal access.



Delegates behave like classes and structs. By default, they have internal access when declared directly within a namespace, and private access when nested.



Top-level types, which are not nested in other types, can only have internal or public accessibility. The default accessibility for these types is internal.



And for nested types:
Members of Default member accessibility
---------- ----------------------------
enum public       //enum的成员是public的访问权限
class private      //类的成员,默认是private的访问权限
interface public  //接口的成员,默认是public的访问权限
struct private    //结构体的成员,和class类似,默认的访问权限也是private的

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