git gc内存错误的解决方案

Auto packing the repository for optimum performance. You may also
run "git gc" manually. See "git help gc" for more information.
Counting objects: 9231, done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 305892693 bytes)
error: failed to run repack
gc --auto: command returned error: 255










repositoryformatversion = 0
filemode = false
bare = false
logallrefupdates = true
symlinks = false
ignorecase = true
hideDotFiles = dotGitOnly
[svn-remote "svn"]
url = https://server2008/svn/ZBMSH/Software
fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn






I found a solution Here that worked for me.

In .git/config file (client and/or server) I added the following:

  packedGitLimit = 128m
  packedGitWindowSize = 128m

  deltaCacheSize = 128m
  packSizeLimit = 128m
  windowMemory = 128m
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