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Installing with the zip file
After downloading the zip file (from, you have to extract it yourself on top of Eclipse. If you choose to do it, just make sure the plugins folder is extracted on top of the Eclipse plugins folder. After that, restart it with the '-clean' flag, to make sure Eclipse finds out about it.
Checking the installation
You can verify if it is correctly installed going to the menu 'help > about > plug in details' and checking if there are at least 5 plugins with the 'plug-in Id' starting with 'com.python.pydev' and at least other 5 starting with 'org.python.pydev' (and check if they have the version you got).

If at any time you wish to stop using the Pydev extensions plugin (or any other Eclipse plugin), you can disable it by going to the menu 'help > software updates > manage configuration', selecting the plugin and clicking 'disable', then, you have to restart Eclipse, go to the same place again and then click on 'remove' (note that you have a button in the menu that enables you to see the 'disabled' features.

  eclipse新建python项Project interpreter not specified
安装好pydev后新建python项目时提示”Project interpreter not specified“的错误,这是因为没有导入python开发环境所致


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