1. The Development of Digital Multimodal Writing Comprehension
    At first, my understanding of digital multimodal writing was limited to a simple combination of text and images. However, as I delved deeper into the course content, I gradually came to realize that digital multimodal writing is actually a creative approach that fuses various media elements to convey information, express opinions, or tell stories.
  2. Challenges and Overcoming Them
    During the learning process, I faced several challenges. First, I needed to find the most suitable media elements through constant trial and comparison. Second, how to effectively integrate these elements was also a process that required constant exploration.
  3. Considering the Impact of Different Communication Models
    When choosing communication models, I needed to fully consider the needs and preferences of readers, as well as the nature and purpose of the information. By taking these factors into account, I could better choose the appropriate communication model and effectively convey information.
  4. Reflecting on the Creative Process
    During the creative process, I constantly reflected and adjusted my work to ensure that it achieved the desired effect. In addition, I actively sought feedback and suggestions from others to continuously improve and perfect my work.
  5. Summarizing the Most Valuable Aspects of the Course, Overall Progress and Achievements Through studying this course, I not only acquired basic knowledge and skills of digital multimodal writing, but also learned how to apply these knowledge and skills to practical creation. Additionally, I learned how to better communicate and interact with readers, making my works more attractive and influential.
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