iOS UIBezierPath知识介绍




 UIBezierPath *piePath = [UIBezierPathbezierPath];
 [piePath moveToPoint:center];
 [piePath addArcWithCenter:center  radius:radius  startAngle:topAngle  endAngle:endAngle  clockwise:YES];
 [piePath closePath];




This method modifies the visible drawing area of the current graphics context. After calling it, subsequent drawing operations result in rendered content only if they occur within the fill area of the specified path.

简单的说,就是一个path调用addClip之后,它所在的context的可见区域就变成了它的“fill area”,接下来的绘制,如果在这个区域外都会被无视。


UIBezierPath *circlePath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithOvalInRect:outCircleRect];
UIBezierPath *innerCirclePath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithOvalInRect:innerCircleRect];
[circlePath appendPath:innerCirclePath];
[circlePath setUsesEvenOddFillRule:YES];  //后便会有说明
[circlePath addClip];

3.usesEvenOddFillRule 判断“fill area”(填充区域)的方法


If YES, the path is filled using the even-odd rule. If NO, it is filled using the non-zero rule. Both rules are algorithms to determine which areas of a path to fill with the current fill color. A ray is drawn from a point inside a given region to a point anywhere outside the path’s bounds. The total number of crossed path lines (including implicit path lines) and the direction of each path line are then interpreted as follows:

  • For the even-odd rule, if the total number of path crossings is odd, the point is considered to be inside the path and the corresponding region is filled. If the number of crossings is even, the point is considered to be outside the path and the region is not filled.

  • For the non-zero rule, the crossing of a left-to-right path counts as +1 and the crossing of a right-to-left path counts as -1. If the sum of the crossings is nonzero, the point is considered to be inside the path and the corresponding region is filled. If the sum is 0, the point is outside the path and the region is not filled.

简单的说下,第一种,even-odd ,判断某点在不在fill area,需要从这点起,向区域外某一点画射线,如果射线和奇数条path相交,那么这点是在fill area,反之,不在。

第二种,也是画射线,根据path的顺时针和逆时针个数计算,如果和不为0,就是在fill area,反之,不在。


The receiver contains the specified point if that point is in a portion of a closed subpath that would normally be painted during a fill operation.

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