Bing Maps Android SDK Released

  Bing Maps Android SDK是一套使用JAVA语言基于微软Bing Maps AJAX v7 Control之上开发的一套GIS开发API,并开源发布于Codeplex,以帮助Android开发人员创建基于微软Bing Maps AJAX V7 Control的地图应用程序。





  - Built on top of Bing Maps AJAX V7
  - Touch controls added to support pinch to zoom, and double tap to zoom
  - Majority of map functionalities are wrapped with Java code so that there is no need to write JavaScript code. This should make things easier for Android developers.
  - Requires Bing Maps Key
  - Supports Pushpins, Polylines, Polygons, EntityCollections, and TileLayers.
  - Libraries for accessing Bing Maps REST service supports Geocoding (Address and query searches), Reverse Geocoding, Routing with support for all route options.
  - Libraries for accessing Bing Spatial Data service supports FindByArea, FindByID, and FindByProperty.
  - All service calls have an Asynchronous task which make requests to Bing Servers and parses the response on a background tread.
  - Works in any orientation.
  - Infobox support.
  - Support for GeoRSS files.


  - Support for localization.
  - Documentation of code, and articles on how to use the SDK to create an application.
  - UI controls for rotating Birdseye view.
  - Clustering.
  - Best Map View support for data.
  - Location Details view.





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