The following answers on masstransit-discus really helped me.

From Google Group masstransit-discuss

... The thing with MassTransit is that you don't actually publish to a queue, you publish to an exchange that is then set up to pass that message on to other queues that have subscribed to messages on that exchange. Since you don't have any consumers, no-one has expressed any interest in your message so it will simply be ignored.

So simply set up a consumer and have it listen to "rabbitmq://localhost/B". First time you run it, it will create the necessary exchanges and links between them, and your message will be passed to a queue named B.


A bus is the collection of all the exchanges, queues, and services all together. When you publish on a bus, all consumers registered on that bus will receive it.

Exchanges are the RabbitMQ implementation of making this work.

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