Plug-in help to terminate, close, quit and detect working any process from NSIS installer.

Notes for usage:

  1. Download NSIS Installer
  2. NSIS Installer
  3. Download Kill Process for NSIS
  4. Unrar it and to NSIS instaled path, ussualy are C:\Program Files\NSIS\Plugins\
  5. Make any script install.
  6. Exported Function are: ExistsProcess, KillProcess, CloseProcess, QuitProcess
  7. Use inside script:
Function CloseParentWithUserApproval
    Push $5
        push "msimn.exe"
        pop $5
        IntCmp $5 0 done
            'Outlook Express must be closed during             this installation.$\r$\n             Close Outlook Express now,             or press "Retry" to automatically close             Outlook Express and continue or press             "Cancel" to cancel the             installation entirely.'  IDCANCEL BailOut
        push "msimn.exe"
        Sleep 2000
    Goto loop
Pop $5

If want more features or any bug, fill free to contact me.

Download Kill Process for NSIS

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