Reflective Journal Final

1.We have to apply us into internet. Multimodel digital writing is gradually becoming one of the essential skills that we are acquired.This ability may take an important role in our future job.
2.In the process of learning multimodal digital writing, I have learned more from the internet to expand my knowledge of digital writing.I also learned some skills to produce a brief digital video.
3.There are also some problems. I always forget the purpose and seems of my writing, And I don't think twice before writing, Which makes it difficult for me to continue with the rest of my work.
4.And it is also a tough thing for me to use the precious and vivid language.What should i do is to find some articles and remember some typical sentence.
5.I think composing multimodal digital writing is a necessary ability in my studying.In this way,i will deepen my understanding of multimodle digital writing.

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