Dragon Boat Festival

essence of this festival
As we all know, Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional chinese festival to show our respect to Qu Yuan. Dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, praying for blessings, and warding off evil things are the custom themes of the Dragon Boat Festival.
Even thongh the same festival, different regions have different customs. My hometown, a small part of Qingdao, has its own rituals. When i was young, there were not too much school stress on our shoulders, so we could have fabulous yet relaxed time. A few days before this festival, my mom and my aunt would prepare some mateirals like zongzi leaves and glutinous rice. Then we soaked all the ingredients in water, by the way, we put some peanuts and other beans into the zongzi, and our shapes of zongzi is cuboid that is weiredly different from normal zongzi. Then this zongzi and some eggs were cooked in a big spot, which was covered by a peice of plastic film. Due to the pressure caused by the temperature, this film would bulge,we could eat them after half of a day. By the way, there is only one kind of sweet zong zi we eat, and to be honest, i prefer eggs which was cooked with zongzi.
And everyone is required to wear bracelets called "wusi", which are made by mums.
This is the first Dragon Boat Festival in i have ever had in the south, i have learned not all nourth erea has the custom of eating special eggs even other parts in Qingdao, and dragon boating is not popular in Jiangxi. Fortunately, i have eat a kind of delicious salty zongzi called "pidanrouzong", what a special flavor.
The older I get, the less passion to celebrate festivals, and here I use it to remember that wonderful childhood

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