TFS -- 使用手记 (更新2009/12/3)

12.分享Visual Studio各种版本之间的转换工具
11.TFS 2010 备份和恢复的完整解决方案
tf.exe status /r /user:*
tf.exe status /r /user:* > editedfiles.txt
9.Team Foundation Server(TFS)教程
8.Managing SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) application log size
查找了半天,终于C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS的文件是占满源。那为什么会这样呢。
SharePoint 2007 by default stores 48 hours worth of logs in a directory buried in your program files folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\LOGS\ !). Very few events get logged to the application event log.
Expect each log file to be at least 200 megs (a log file being generated every 30 minutes by default), or 19 GB of space at the minimum being used by SharePoint logs.
Go to your central administration server web site, and open up the Diagnostic logging:
管理工具 -> SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration - >Operations  -> Logging and Reporting -> Diagnostic logging
image image
7.TF31003: Your user account does not have permsision to connect to the team foundation server xxx. Contact your team foundation server administrator and request that the appropriate permission to be added to your account
我的情况是因为Windows 7无法访问Windows 2003共享的问题造成,所以解决方法为
  1. 首先确认一下控制面板-系统和安全-windows防火墙-允许的程序里打开了“文件和打印机共享”
  2. 开始=>运行... =>gpedit.msc=>本地计算机策略=>计算机配置=>Windows设置=>安全设置=>本地策略=>安全选项。找到:“网络安全:LAN管理器身份验证级别”项,默认值“没有定义”改为“发送LM & NTLM响应”
6.TF54000: Cannot update data because the server clock may have been set incorrectly. Contact your Team Foundation Server Administrator
EN:This error is returned when your clock has been rolled back on your data tier. Make sure your data tier machine has the correct date and time set.
5.VSTS 查看/并撤消 其他用户的Check out状态(使用Power Tool)
选择 Show Pending Changes  可以查看当前选中用户的Checkout文件
撤消用户的Checkout文件 - Undo
症状:(安装Vs2008 SP1时发生)
     TF31004:Team Foundation 在连接到 Team Foundation Server {0} 时遇到一个错误。请稍候几分钟然后重试。如果问题依然存在,请与 Team Foundation Server 管理员联系。
  • 本地计算机上运行的 Team Foundation 版本与 Team Foundation Server 服务器 {name} 上运行的版本不匹配。
  • 服务器返回 HTML 内容而不返回 XML 内容。
  • 在服务器上找不到所需的 Web 服务。
        重置一下Control Panel   ->  SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard 就可以了。
    3.Team Foundation Server Event Subscription Tool
    2.使用 outlook 200X 浏览TFS 的 工作项 插件
    1. 删除工作项包含(Task、Scenario、Bug、Qos、Risk)
    先看一下我们要删除的WorkItem 16
    一、下载Power Tools
    二、执行Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt
    三、执行 tfpt.exe
    TFPT - Team Foundation Power Tools 2008
    Type tfpt help <command name> for full description
    tfpt annotate                    Display line-by-line change information for a file
    tfpt bind                           Convert VSS-bound solutions into TFS-bound solutions
    tfpt changedocurl             Update the server information on TFS-bound office documnts
    tfpt createteamproject  Create a team project
    tfpt destroygl                  Destroy a global list
    tfpt destroywi                 Destroy one or more work items
    tfpt destroywitd             Destroy a work item type and its work items
    tfpt getcs                        Get only the changes in a particular changeset
    tfpt history                     Show the history of an item
    tfpt online                       Pend adds, edits, deletes to writable files
    tfpt query                       Query for work items
    tfpt review                     Review (diff/view) workspace changes
    tfpt rollback                   Pend changes to roll back a changeset
    tfpt scorch                     Ensure source control and the local disk are identical
    tfpt searchcs                 Search for changesets matching specific criteria
    tfpt treeclean                Delete files and folders not under version control
    tfpt tweakui                   Enhance how client connects to Team Foundation Server
    tfpt unshelve                  Unshelve into workspace with pending changes
    tfpt uu                            Undo changes to unchanged files in the workspace
    tfpt workitem                Create, update, or view work items
    tfpt workspace              Update a workspace
    四、执行删除命令(tfpt destroywi /server:ServerName /workitemid:IDNumber)
    Server Name指就是WorkSpace中的Server。
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