Sometimes at night when I look up at the stars, and see the whole sky just laid out there, don't you think I ain't remembering it all. I still got dreams like anybody else, and ever so often, I am thinking about how things might of been. And then, all of a sudden, I'm forty, fifty, sixty years old, you know?

2010年3月31日 #

AOP - AspectSharp

摘要: AspectSharp项目地址:AspectSharp - .NET AOP Framework这个项目从05年开始已经没有维护了,估计现在已经没落,现在AOP用的比较多的应该是PostSharp,PostSharp使用上应该非常方便,但前段时间已经商业化运作了,仍提供社区版,但功能上有一些限制AspectSharp现在网上较完整的例子比较少,从sourceforge下载项目源代码,里面有一个ex... 阅读全文

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