Team Name

I recently help a new Scrum team to start to practice Agile Scrum in their project. During the first project visioning meeting, I asked the team to give their team a name, whatever the name is funny, formal or crazy. But I need them to find a name they liked. In 15 minutes discussion, they got a name, a really creative name :-). And in the process of discussion, the team was very active and felt happy. Even those very cool people, they couldn't help to smile.

I think it will be a very good start to form a team by given a team name. It will let everyone feel being on the team from day one because they have the same name. They will feel united from the beginning. Also a name will indicate something about the team. Some beliefs of the team. A name like "Bug Killer Squad" indicate that the team will try to deliver high quality software without BUG.

Name the team, Form the team

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