yii2 ftp 的常规操作 上传 下载

function make_directory($ftp_stream, $dir){
  // if directory already exists or can be immediately created return true
  if (ftp_is_dir($ftp_stream, $dir) || @ftp_mkdir($ftp_stream, $dir)) return true;
  // otherwise recursively try to make the directory
  if (!make_directory($ftp_stream, dirname($dir))) return false;
  // final step to create the directory
  return ftp_mkdir($ftp_stream, $dir);
function ftp_is_dir($ftp_stream, $dir){
  // get current directory
  $original_directory = ftp_pwd($ftp_stream);
  // test if you can change directory to $dir
  // suppress errors in case $dir is not a file or not a directory
  if ( @ftp_chdir( $ftp_stream, $dir ) ) {
    // If it is a directory, then change the directory back to the original directory
    ftp_chdir( $ftp_stream, $original_directory );
    return true;
  } else {
    return false;

$path = 'fptfiles';//ftp服务器下的目录
$putFilePath = 'D:\ftpfiles\attack.txt'; // 本地上传的文件路径
$conn = ftp_connect("ftpIpAddress") or die("Could not connect");


//开始上传  上传到了 ftp根目录下 fptfiles/attack.txt
if(ftp_put($conn, 'attack.txt',  $putFilePath , FTP_ASCII)){
     echo  'put success';
    echo  'put fail';

$getFilePath = 'D:\ftpfiles\attackget.txt';// 本地下载的文件路径
//ftp 下载
if(ftp_get($conn, $getFilePath,  'attack.txt', FTP_ASCII)){
    echo  'get success';
    echo  'get fail';



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