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Mach-II for PHP Released for Public Beta

Posted on 2005-04-09 00:21  Mozier  阅读(555)  评论(0编辑  收藏  举报


For php4 download

For php5 download

作者:Alan Richmond

作者关于Mach-II for PHP 的介绍: 

The first beta release of Mach-II for PHP, an open source framework for building web applications, is now available for download at Mach-II is an object oriented, event-based, implicit invocation web application framework implementing true Model-View-Controller (MVC) for separation of business logic and presentation. Mach-II helps developers deliver scalable and easy to maintain applications. Mach-II is a light-weight controller and adapter that interfaces with a domain model via custom listeners. The application is configured declaratively using a simple XML file. But don't worry about performance, the XML configuration is only read once and the fully configured application is cached for future use. Mach-II allows developers to use all of their favorite tools without dictating any. Use any database abstraction layer, use any template engine, use any user authentication system. Or none of the above. With Mach-II YOU choose the best tools and libraries for use in your application. Two distinct framework downloads are available: One for use under PHP4 and PHP5 and another for PHP5 only. Either may be installed via the PEAR installer or manually.