Game Script: Rescue Bill Gates

    The story occurs in AD 3000.

    Bill Gates left Microsoft and IT forever, which brings chaos to the whole world. You must gather 7 witches from the largest 7 IT companies, when all these 7 witches cast spell together in the forum CNBLOGS, to call the Strongest Ghost in history, Jianqiang Bao’s appearing, who can make your wishes come true. So your task is to make Bill Gates come back with the aid from Jianqiang Bao, and rescue the world at last.

    The largest 7 companies, GooBai, Orange, PAS, OraSun, PH, MBI and SymanGE, imprison all the 7 witches to prevent you from meeting Jianqiang Bao, so the battle is inevitable.

    You can select a role among Fighter, Thief, Minister and Mages.

    You can meet many friends in different tasks, they can join in your team, including Jeffrey Zhao, Anytao, TerryLee, AllenLee, Kitty74, Dingxue, Xiaotie and GuaiGuai. Although they are not as strong as Jianqiang Bao in magic and attack and defence, it is enough to help you during the journey.

    All the witches imprisoned come from Microsoft, named Sisley Lin, Xiaoying Guo, Minmin Xue and ....... They are powerful in magic, but unfortunately, they cannot join your team. Because of their beauty, which may break the balance of the game.

    All the bosses in the 7 companies, are very powerful in HP, magic and attacking, but each of them has his own weakness. So you must gain experience ASAP during the battles, and use right strategy in different scenarios.

    You can buy weapon, armor, healing potion and mana potion from the businessman Dflying Chen. He is an unscrupulous businessman, so all the goods are expensive in his shop. The best method to gain equipment is to earn enough money by killing more monsters.

    If one of your friends died in the battle, you can revive him in the church.

    The forum CNBLOGS has already been invaded by thousands of hundreds of monsters, it is not a easy way to arrive the destination.


unfinished, sleepy, waiting for the following story tomorrow night.

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