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关于 JPA PostgreSQL SERIAL BIGSERIAL 中使用 GenerationType.IDENTITY 批处理失效

Although convenient, and even suggested in many PostgreSQL book, the SERIAL and BIGSERIAL column types are not a very good choice when using JPA and Hibernate. Using a SEQUENCE generator is a better alternative since the identifier can be generated prior to executing the INSERT statement.

Behind the scenes, the SERIAL and BIGSERIAL column types use a database sequence anyway, so the only difference is that the SEQUENCE generator calls the sequence is a separate database roundtrip. However, this can also be optimized with the pooled and pooled-lo optimizers.

If the database server is close to the application servers and networking is fast, the extra database roundtrip is not going to be a performance bottleneck. For all these reasons, you should prefer using the SEQUENCE generator over IDENTITY no matter if you use PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server.



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