consul reconnect_timeout

  • reconnect_timeout这将控制从集群中彻底删除发生故障的节点需要多长时间。默认值为72小时,建议将其设置为至少为节点或网络分区的预期可恢复的最大停机时间的两倍。警告:将此时间设置得太低可能会导致Consul服务器在扩展节点故障或分区过程中从法定数中删除,这可能会使群集恢复复杂化。该值是一个带单位后缀的时间,可以是秒,分钟或小时的“s”,“m”,“h”。该值必须> = 8小时。

  • reconnect_timeout_wan这是reconnect_timeout参数的WAN等效项,用于控制从WAN池中完全删除发生故障的服务器所需的时间。这也默认为72小时,并且必须> 8小时。


  • reconnect_timeout This controls how long it takes for a failed node to be completely removed from the cluster. This defaults to 72 hours and it is recommended that this is set to at least double the maximum expected recoverable outage time for a node or network partition. WARNING: Setting this time too low could cause Consul servers to be removed from quorum during an extended node failure or partition, which could complicate recovery of the cluster. The value is a time with a unit suffix, which can be "s", "m", "h" for seconds, minutes, or hours. The value must be >= 8 hours.

  • reconnect_timeout_wan This is the WAN equivalent of the reconnect_timeout parameter, which controls how long it takes for a failed server to be completely removed from the WAN pool. This also defaults to 72 hours, and must be >= 8 hours.

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