Reflective Journal Final

My understanding of digital multimodal composing has evolved from a mere blending of different media to a comprehensive approach that includes visual, auditory, text, and living elements. I now realize that it's a powerful tool for storytelling and communication.

The main challenge I faced was mastering the technical aspects of digital multimodal composing. However, I overcame this by consistently practicing and seeking help from my friends. Through experiments and errors, I gradually improved my skills.

Considering different modes of communication has had a profound impact on my work. It has allowed me to engage with audiences in a more meaningful way, considering their preferences and needs. This has led to more effective communication.

My creative process involves brainstorming ideas, exploring different modes of communication, and then repeating and refining my work based on feedback. I find that cooperating with others and involving diverse perspectives helps me generate more innovative ideas.

The most rewarding aspects of the course have been the opportunities to explore new mediums and techniques, as well as the chance to apply my creativity in practical projects. My overall progress and achievements include mastering digital multimodal composing, developing a stronger understanding of communication, and enhancing my creative skills.

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