List of NP-complete problems

This is a list of some of the more commonly known problems that are NP-complete when expressed as decision problems. As there are hundreds of such problems known, this list is in no way comprehensive. Many problems of this type can be found in Garey & Johnson (1979).

Graphs and hypergraphs

Graphs occur frequently in everyday applications. Examples include biological or social networks, which contain hundreds, thousands and even billions of nodes in some cases (e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn).

NP-complete special cases include the edge dominating set problem, i.e., the dominating set problem in line graphs. NP-complete variants include the connected dominating set problem and the maximum leaf spanning tree problem.[11]

Mathematical programming

Formal languages and string processing

Games and puzzles


NP-complete special cases include the minimum maximal matching problem,[77] which is essentially equal to the edge dominating set problem (see above).

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