class TimeDistributed(Wrapper):
  """This wrapper allows to apply a layer to every temporal slice of an input.

  The input should be at least 3D, and the dimension of index one
  will be considered to be the temporal dimension.

  Consider a batch of 32 samples,
  where each sample is a sequence of 10 vectors of 16 dimensions.
假设有一个batch size=32的input,每个sample包含10个16维的向量,可以认为是一个sample包含10个时间步,每个时序步是16维向量。

  The batch input shape of the layer is then `(32, 10, 16)`,
  and the `input_shape`, not including the samples dimension, is `(10, 16)`.
那么这个batch input的形状就是(32, 10, 16),而input的形状就是(10, 16)。

  You can then use `TimeDistributed` to apply a `Dense` layer
  to each of the 10 timesteps, independently:

  # as the first layer in a model
  model = Sequential()
  model.add(TimeDistributed(Dense(8), input_shape=(10, 16)))   # Dense(8)中的8指的是Dense Layer的output size。
  # now model.output_shape == (None, 10, 8)  # 将(10, 16)转换成了(10, 8)

The output will then have shape (32, 10, 8).

In subsequent layers, there is no need for the input_shape:

# now model.output_shape == (None, 10, 32)  # 将(10, 8)转换成了(10, 32)

The output will then have shape (32, 10, 32).

TimeDistributed can be used with arbitrary layers, not just Dense,
for instance with a Conv2D layer:

model = Sequential()
model.add(TimeDistributed(Conv2D(64, (3, 3)),
                          input_shape=(10, 299, 299, 3)))  # 10个时序步,每个时序步是299*299*3的高维向量

layer: a layer instance.

Call arguments:
inputs: Input tensor.
training: Python boolean indicating whether the layer should behave in
training mode or in inference mode. This argument is passed to the
wrapped layer (only if the layer supports this argument).
mask: Binary tensor of shape (samples, timesteps) indicating whether
a given timestep should be masked. This argument is passed to the
wrapped layer (only if the layer supports this argument).

  • inputs:输入的tensor

  • training:用于标记这个layer是否处于训练模式,这个参数会被透传给被包装的layer(如果这个layer支持这个参数的话)

  • mask:一个形状为(samples, timesteps)的二元Tensor,用于表示给定的timestep是否需要被mask,这个参数会被透传给被包装的layer(如果这个layer支持这个参数的话)

    ValueError: If not initialized with a Layer instance.

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