Reflective journal final

My understanding of digital multimodal composing has significantly evolved throughout this course. Initially, I perceived it as a simple combination of different modes of communication. However, as I study deeper, I realized that it includes many approach to conveying messages effectively. I learned that each mode of communication offers unique effects and constraints.
One of the primary challenges I faced was determining the appropriate balance between the different modes of communication. Initially, I struggled to integrate text, images, and audio but made a disconnected and fragmented composition. To overcome this, through continuous iteration and refinement, I developed a better understanding of how to harmonize the different modes to make a more cohesive and engaging composition.
Another challenge was the technical aspect of digital multimodal composing. Learning to use various software and tools is a scary task. However, with persistence and practice, I gradually became more proficient in using these.
When it comes to the creative process,Initially, I tends to focus on the technical aspects and the aesthetics of the composition, often neglecting the message I intended to convey. However, as I progressed, I realized the importance of keeping the balance between my creative choices and the intended message. Now, I begin by clearly defining my message and target audience, and then explore how different modes of communication can be used to convey that messages effectively.
The most rewarding aspect of this course is the ability to express my ideas more effectively and creatively. Through digital multimodal composing, I have freedom to use various modes of communication and express what I want to say.This course has not only promote my technical skills but also develop my critical thinking .
In conclusion, my journey in digital multimodal composing is a meaningful experience.

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