When designing apps for Windows 8, you must keep this in mind as well. You will build apps for consumers when using WinRT. otherwise, you are most likely building software for providers or enterprise users. Metro style development is not aimed at those scenarios. WinRT exposes only the services needed for a great consumer experience.




Ø Channel 9 on MSDN

Channel 9 has many resources for developers concerning WinRT. Visit the main site at and search for “windows runtime” for a list.

Ø Recommended Videos from Channel 9

Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic

Lap around the Windows Runtime

Ø 2011 Build Conference Web Site

The 2011 Build conference is a little dated, but the information found on its site— —is still helpful regarding WinRT.

Ø Windows Dev Center

One of the primary resources is the Windows Dev Center ( ). This is the starting place for Microsoft’s documentation regarding Windows 8 development and WinRT. Here are a few links to start with, but the Windows Dev Center is a vast collection of information. It will serve as a point of reference you will return to time and again.

Learn to build Metro style apps

API reference for Metro style apps

API reference for Windows Runtime and Windows Library for JavaScript

Metro style app fundamentals

App capability declarations

App contracts and extensions

Ø Miguel de Icaza wrote a nice article regarding WinRT.

“WinRT Demystified”

Ø CodePlex WinRT

Ø Doug Steven discusses the Windows Runtime architecture diagram and what is missing.“A Bad Pi c ture I s Wor th a Thousand Long Di s cus s ions”

Ø “The Windows Runtime”

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