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C# 5.0 in a Nutshell The Definitive Reference


C# 5.0 also interoperates with Windows Runtime (WinRT) libraries. WinRT is an execution interface and runtime environment for accessing libraries in a language-neutral and object-oriented fashion. It ships with Windows 8 and is (in part) an enhanced version of Microsoft’s Component Object Model or COM (see Chapter 25)

What’s New in C# 5.0

C# 5.0’s big new feature is support for asynchronous functions via two new keywords, async and await. Asynchronous functions enable asynchronous continuations, which make it easier to write responsive and thread-safe rich-client applications. They also make it easy to write highly concurrent and efficient I/O-bound applications that don’t tie up a thread resource per operation.

What’s New in C# 4.0

The features new to C# 4.0 were:

• Dynamic binding

• Optional parameters and named arguments

• Type variance with generic interfaces and delegates

• COM interoperability improvements

What’s New in C# 3.0

The features added to C# 3.0 were mostly centered on Language Integrated Query

capabilities or LINQ for short.

The C# 3.0 features added to support LINQ comprised implicitly typed local variables,

anonymous types, object initializers, lambda expressions, extension methods, query

expressions and expression trees.

C# 3.0 also added automatic properties and partial methods.








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