iOS开发笔记 8、真机调试和发布软件





申请人Team Agent角色加开发管理员和申请软件的发布

Team Admin开发管理员可以自己调试和加人


过程涉及:证书,apple ID,机器ID等系列的步骤,比较麻烦,简便的方法





Compilingto Device (provisioning profile)

1 Add team members (admin)—If you registered as a company, you can add additional team members under the Team tab. The initial creator of a team is the Team Agent , who has the highest - level powers in the Developer Program; other users are Team Administrators or Team Members. From here, individual members can set themselves up to compile to their devices, with some steps requiring interventions from Team Admins.

2 Create a certificate signing request (member)—This is the first step required to generate the certificate you need to sign (and thus run) applications on your device. You create a certificate signing request (CSR) inside Keychain Access on your Mac and then upload it from the Certificates > Development tab; a Team Admin must then approve it.

3 Download a certificate (member)—After your Admin (who may be you) has approved your CSR, you can download a certificate. From Certificates > Development, download the WWDR Intermediate Certificate, and double-click to install it. Afterward, download your developer certificate, and double-click to install it.

Your certificate will be permanently installed in your keychain

4 Add devices (admin)—Add any devices (iPhones, iPods, or iPads) that you want to build on using the Devices tab.

5 Create an app ID (admin)—Each application needs an app ID, which controls its access to devices. For the purposes of testing, you’ll probably use one general wildcard ID that you create by appending a wildcard (.*) to your app ID bundle identifier.

6 Create a provisioning profile (admin)—A provisioning profile is a unique combination of multiple developer certificates, multiple device IDs, and a single app ID. It’s what ties your device to your overall development profile and what allows you to run programs. You create a provisioning profile from the Provisioning > Development tab, at which point you’re asked to enter the three elements that make it up.

7 Download a provisioning profile (member) —Download the profile from Devices,and drag it your Xcode dock icon or the organizer window of Xcode.


Preparing for distribution via the App Store

Preparing your program for distribution via the App Store follows much the same process as preparing your programs for testing on iPhones on iPads, except that the stepscan only be undertaken by the Team Agent:

1 Create a certificate (agent) —As before, you must upload a CSR, but here you should create a certificate from the Certificates > Distribution tab, rather thanCertificates > Development.

2 Create a provisioning profile (agent) —Create a provisioning profile in the Provisioning > Distribution tab. It’s usually an App Store profile. As before, drag yournew profile to Xcode.

3 Prepare to compile (anyone)—Create a new Distribution configuration that uses the distribution provisioning profile. Update other info in the configuration, update your Info.plist as appropriate, and then build.

4 Prepare media (anyone)—Prepare a 57 x 57 PNG home screen icon, a 512 x 512 JPG/TIFF large application icon, and a full-screen screenshot, as well as other information required by the App Store.

5 Upload (agent)—Go to the Distribution tab, and run iTunes Connect.

6 Wait (everyone)—It will take some time for your application to be approved and go on sale.

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