iOS开发笔记 5、开发工具Xcode,Inteface Builder






application delegate


ƒAt launch time, it must create an application’s windows and display them to the user.

l It must initialize your data.

l It must respond to “quit” requests.

l It must handle low-memory warnings.


Ø A Window-Based Application, as you’ve seen, is entirely minimalist. You need to create a default UIView for your application before you can do anything. That’s what you’ve used so far.

Ø A View-Based Application has a hair more functionality. It includes a basic view controller that allows you to autorotate content. You’ll use it in chapter 5 (and most of the time thereafter).

Ø A Tab Bar Application creates a tab bar along the bottom that allows you to switch between multiple views. The template does this by creating a tab bar controller and then defining what each of its views looks like.

Ø A Navigation-Based Application sets you up with a navigation controller, a nav bar along the top, and a table view in the middle of the page so you can easily build hierarchical applications.

Ø A Utility Application defines a flip-side controller that has two pages, the first with an info button that allows you to call up the second page.

Ø An OpenGL ES Application is another minimalistic application. Its main difference from the Window-Based Application is that it includes GL frameworks, sends the glView messages to get it started, and otherwise sets certain GL properties.


Interface Builder



In order for Interface Builder–created objects to be useful, Xcode must be able to access their properties and respond to actions sent to them. This is done with IBOutlets and IBActions.

IBOutlet provides a link to an Interface Builder–created object

An IBAction is a message that’s executed when a specific action is applied to an Interface Buildercreated object, such as when a slider moves or a button is clicked.


@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutletUIWindow *window;

- (IBAction)changeSlider:(id)sender;



Creating connection


@interface webimageAppDelegate :NSObject<UIApplicationDelegate> {

UIWindow *window;

IBOutletUIWebView *myWebView;


@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutletUIWindow *window;

- (void) refreshQuote;




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