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如下是一些必读的分类资料文档,熟悉了这些内容,估计在ios mac上开发会得心应手。




■ iOS Technology Overview

introduces iOS and its technologies.


■ Your First iOS Application

For a tutorial to get you started creating iOS applications



■ iOS Human Interface Guidelines

For information about user interface design and how to create effective applications using iOS



■ iOS Development Guide

This document describes the iOS application development process. It also provides information about becoming a member of the iOS Developer Program, which is required to run applications on devices for testing.



■ iOS Application Programming Guide

describes the architecture of an iOS application and shows the key customization points in UIKit and other key system frameworks.



■Event Handling Guide for iOS

For information about handling touch and motion-related events





■Objective-C Release Notes

describes some of the changes in the Objective-C runtime in the latest release of Mac OS X.


Learning Objective-C: A Prime


■ The Objective-C Programming Language

introduces object-oriented programming and describes the main programming language used for iOS development.


■Objective-C Runtime Programming Guide

describes aspects of the Objective-C runtime and how you can use it.


■Objective-C Runtime Reference

describes the data structures and functions of the Objective-C runtime support library. Your programs can use these interfaces to interact with the Objective-C runtime system. For example, you can add classes or methods, or obtain a list of all class definitions for loaded classes.


■Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C

Every object-oriented programming language and environment has a different perspective on what object-oriented means, how objects behave, and how programs might be structured. This document offers the Objective-C perspective.




■ Cocoa Fundamentals Guide

introduces the basic concepts, terminology, architectures, and design patterns of the Cocoa frameworks and development environment.


■ Cocoa Application Tutorial

shows you how to build a simple Cocoa application for Mac OS X using the Xcode development environment, the Cocoa frameworks, and Objective-C. Your First iOS Application is a tutorial that guides you through the creation of a simple iPhone application, showing you along the way the basics of the Xcode development environment, Objective-C, and the Cocoa frameworks.


Garbage Collection Programming Guide

describes the garbage collection system used by Cocoa.


Memory Management Programming Guide

describes the reference counting system used by Cocoa.


■ View Controller Programming Guide for iOS

For information about structuring and managing your application’s user interface


■ View Programming Guide for iOS.

For information about presenting and animating your user interface


■ Model Object Implementation Guide

discusses basic issues of subclass design and implementation,


■Drawing and Printing Guide for iOS

 For information about drawing custom content


■Text, Web, and Editing Programming Guide for iOS.

 For information about handling text and web content and about managing the keyboard


■Multimedia Programming Guide

 For information about incorporating audio and video into your application


Coding Guidelines for Cocoa


■ Dashcode User Guide

which describes how to create webpages optimized for Safari on iOS. These web applications make use of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


■Safari Web Content Guide

in-depth information on how to create web applications that work well on iPhone and iPod touch


If you’re interested in developing iOS web applications, visit




A Tour of Xcode

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