Enterprise Library 3.0 December 2006 CTP版发布了!

刚刚从Tom Hollander看到消息Enterprise Library 3.0 December 2006 CTP版发布了!这是Enterprise Library 3.0发布的第一个版本,同时该项目也移到了Codeplex上,官方主页为:http://www.codeplex.com/entlib

点击这里下载Enterprise Library v.0 December 2006 CTP版,这次发布的内容包括以前提到的验证应用程序块、数据访问应用程序块、应用程序块软件工厂等,详细内容如下所示:


Source Code installer

Partial Trust Support

Strong-Named Binary Assemblies

2Validation Application Block

Core validation API

Minimal Validator Library

Attaching validators to objects via attributes

Attaching validators to objects via configuration

Not included yet (but in the works): Configuration tool support, complete validator library, integration with ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WCF etc.

3Data Access Application Block

SQL Server Compact Edition Support

New Database.UpdateDatabase overload with updateBatchSize parameter

4Configuration Tool

Visual Studio IDE integration

AppSettings support

Encryption support

5Application Block Software Factory

Templates and recipes for creating application blocks and provider libraries

Preliminary documentation

6Strong Naming Guidance Package

Recipes to assist in strong-naming and updating [InternalsVisibleTo] across multiple projects

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