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摘要:开发个 Biztalk 系统真是颇费周折。记下一些经验备用。 1. Error about enlisting DTC. Solution: 1) Turn off the RPC security on your Windows Server 2003 computers.;en-us;83918... 阅读全文

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摘要:To access functions from plug-ins Select Tools | plugins menu from the main menu bar of the context menu of the post editor. The menus can be activated by pressing the shortcut keys. It is an ... 阅读全文

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摘要:申请 * 您在您的博客网页上放置好 WB Editor 2 的小贴图和连接。* 发 email 至 support @ 申请* email 标题中必须注明:申请WB Editor 2 注册码* email 正文必须复制以下文字,并填入您的信息申请 WB Editor 2 注册码的博客网页 URL:[http:// ...]申请人的姓名:[姓名]申请人的 email:[em... 阅读全文

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摘要:To Installed WB Editor 2 as SharpReaderPlug-in Find a folder named plugins from the SharpReader's installation folder, by default it is C:\Program Files\SharpReader\plugins. ... 阅读全文

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