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开源版本的.NET框架 Mono 1.2.6 发布

微软开发框架的开源版本现在能够在更多现有.NET应用程序上运行.该项目由 Novell支持,允许为Windows框架编写的应用程序在Linux和其它非微软平台上运行.最新版本全面支持.NET 1.1,并部分与.NET 2.0兼容,包括支持Windows Forms.
Mono 按ECMA标准ECMA-335定义的标准执行.NET,ECMA-335指定通用语言基础构架(Common Language Infrastructure)、一个C#编译器和与微软相似的类库,虽然这些并非ECMA标准的工作范围.Mono可在Linux、Mac OS X、Solaris和Windows上运行,并被第三方应用到其它平台上,包括Symbian OS.

We have just released Mono 1.2.6. Some of the highlights for this release include:

  • Native Windows.Forms driver for MacOS X allows Winforms-based applications to run without an X server.
  • Support for the ASP.NET AJAX APIs and controls.
  • Support for FastCGI deployments: ASP.NET can now be deployed on a multitude of servers that implement the FastCGI protocol (lighttpd for example) in addition to Apache.
  • Windows.Forms now supports the WebControl on Windows and Linux using Mozilla.
  • Runtime will now consume much less memory for 2.0-based applications due to various optimizations in generics support as well as including many new performance improvements and an updated verifier and an implementation of CoreCLR security.
  • C# compiler is quickly approaching full 3.0 support, most of the basics work right now (except support for System.Query.Expression AST generation).
  • Mono 1.2.6 can now be used as an SDK for creating Silverlight 1.1 applications on all platforms. This allows developers to create applications that target Silverlight without requiring a Windows installation.

Full details are available on the release notes. To get a copy, visit the downloads section on the web site.


最cool 的特性是支持了 sliverlight 1.1。这个版本加强了对 的支持,支持FastCGI和ASP.NET AJAX ,C# 3.0的所有特性都支持了。可能Linq在下个版本中就可用了。

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