Android开发平台中,可通过TelephonyManager 获取本机号码。


TelephonyManager phoneMgr=(TelephonyManager)this.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
txtPhoneNumber.setText(phoneMgr.getLine1Number()); //txtPhoneNumber是一个EditText 用于显示手机号


根据Android的安全机制,在使用TelephonyManager时,必须在AndroidManifest.xml中添加<uses-permission android:name="READ_PHONE_STATE" /> 否则无法获得系统的许可。


手机型号 Build.MODEL

String MODEL The end-user-visible name for the end product.

sdk版本 Build.VERSION.SDK

String SDK This constant is deprecated. Use SDK_INT to easily get this as an integer.

及frimware版本号(系统版本号) Build.VERSION.RELEASE

String RELEASE The user-visible version string.


private void loadPhoneStatus()
TelephonyManager phoneMgr=(TelephonyManager)this.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
txtPhoneModel.setText(Build.MODEL); //手机型号
txtOsVersion.setText(Build.VERSION.RELEASE);//Firmware/OS 版本号

事实上,Build能向我们提供包括 硬件厂商,硬件编号,序列号等很多信息 调用方法也都同上,很简单。

String BOARD The name of the underlying board, like "goldfish".
String BOOTLOADER The system bootloader version number.
String BRAND The brand (e.g., carrier) the software is customized for, if any.
String CPU_ABI The name of the instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.
String CPU_ABI2 The name of the second instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.
String DEVICE The name of the industrial design.
String DISPLAY A build ID string meant for displaying to the user
String FINGERPRINT A string that uniquely identifies this build.
String HARDWARE The name of the hardware (from the kernel command line or /proc).
String HOST  
String ID Either a changelist number, or a label like "M4-rc20".
String MANUFACTURER The manufacturer of the product/hardware.
String MODEL The end-user-visible name for the end product.
String PRODUCT The name of the overall product.
String RADIO The radio firmware version number.
String SERIAL A hardware serial number, if available.
String TAGS Comma-separated tags describing the build, like "unsigned,debug".
long TIME  
String TYPE The type of build, like "user" or "eng".
String UNKNOWN Value used for when a build property is unknown.
String USER


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