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Defect Prevention Solution

80% of our problems /defects are caused by 20% of our activities!


What is DP?

Defect Prevention, causing defects not to happen. Defect Prevention is the process of improving quality and productivity by preventing the injection of defects into a product. DP is that we spend our 20% energy to solve 80% problems! Originally it’s a most important section of RUP process, but it’s necessary for all software projects need high quality and efficient development.


What’s it bring for project?

Quality, efficient and effective


What’s a defect’s affection?

We know normally our developing process as following.

The bug in different step costs different effort. Etc, the requirement phase bug wastes design, develop, test and production; the develop phase bug waste testing and production.


What’s the difference between Defect and Fault?

Defect is the bug happens in development process before UAT (User Accept Testing and Production).

Fault is the bug feedback from Users, Customers and other roles after put into production environment.


What’s DP Function?

Get what’re commonest defects in whole project process in advance. And prevent them happens, no wasting effort happens. Then the efficiency has been improved, the project quality has been improved too.


Indeed, DP is helpful for various stages besides project development own, including personal life, studying and business and so on.

Why Hold DP?

Bugs are wasting project team time, including project managers, developers, testers and all participators. Bugs always cannot be avoided. But we can hold the action preventing/decreasing the repeated bugs. That’s why DP comes. It collects the history bugs data into common causes, and makes all members aware on these common causes to decrease the bugs repeatedly.


DP Objective

The quality objective of activities like defect prevention and phase kick-off meetings to ensure that the project can have more effective and efficient and high quality.


Defect prevention planning is undertaken both at the organization level and at the project level so as to plan the activities well in advance with a specific goal.


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for defect prevention planning, conducting, phase kick-off meetings and causal analysis meetings in various projects. However the company adopts RUP/Agile/XP development process.


So, after DP process, it increases each role’s awareness to caused defects.


DP Actions

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What’s DP Function?


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What’s a defect’s affection?



Why Hold DP?

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